Creative ways to use extra chocolate at Christmas (if you have any left… if not, buy extra!)

Christmas is a chocolate-lovers dream and for us the busiest time of year in our amazing chocolate factory. Lots of opportunity for indulging in luxury treats and a great reason to eat them or share them with friends and family. So morning, noon, and night – there really isn’t a time of day over the festive period where chocolate shouldn’t be eaten. It’s that unwritten Christmas rule! (Plus, that’s the reason it’s one of our favourite seasons). Yep you are allowed chocolate for breakfast, that’s what Advent Calendars are for… to ease you in!

Oh, and while most people never have any spare chocolate to use up on the below ideas, we do know there are those out there who are… well… a little less greedy than us and like to get creative with their chocolate! If you’ve got lots of choccy delights and don’t want to eat them all in one go, why not try one of these wonderful ideas and get creative this holiday season?

1. Chocolate decorations…

Melt in the mouth yes, but the luxury buttons in your Share Bags melt in the microwave for other things too! Drizzle the chocolate onto a baking tray covered with baking paper in any festive shape you like, festive cookie cutters work well. You can also sprinkle with your favourite toppings.

Cool in the fridge, then heat a skewer to create a hole in the top to tie on a ribbon or twine and hang on your tree, from garlands, or place atop plates at the dinner table.

Watch out for treat snafflers, it’s hard not to eat one of these each time you pass your chosen hanging place (also watch out for pets and children, hang high on the tree… and maybe don’t hang on the fireplace garland either!).

Alternatively, tie our beautiful Truffles on the tree, they look great and the dog won’t lick them!

2. Create a hot chocolate station

This is a good one if you’d like to offer a luxury warming drink when friends or family come over! Christmas Eve is definitely an option here.

You could also drop in their favourite tipple if it’s a super cold day! Oh, it is Christmas after all!

For extra fun, create an area in the kitchen or dining room that includes everyone’s favourite toppings: whipped cream, marshmallows, berries and a little dusting of cinnamon or cocoa. Maybe some Irish cream or even port if you wanted to go for that Black Forest flavour… Then heat up some milk in a pan, drop in your favourite luxury Share Bag chocolate and melt down into a delectable winter warmer. Then let your guests go crazy on the toppings!

3. Saving for that rainy day? Chocolate on Blue Monday

Well, if you didn’t quite eat all your luxury goodies. We believe in sharing, especially when others need it!

Blue Monday usually falls on the third Monday of January, allegedly one of the saddest days of the year. And what better way to bring a smile to someone’s face than a sweet surprise?! Spread the chocolate love and share any extra chocolate treats you may have with your nearest and dearest on this dreary day! Oh and if you’ve eaten them all, you can always grab some more! Remember when Christmas is over, stay in touch with friends and family, chocolate and a hug brings everyone together, even if we have busy lives.

4. Make a huge showstopper cake!

Now, we know this takes a little effort but when a cake looks this good… well, can you blame us? It also makes an excellent gift for anyone you might be visiting that needs extra dessert or where you want to contribute to their table. Find out how to make our Chocolate Black Forest Cake here.

5. Craft your own chocolate bark

Perfect for entertaining the little ones. Melt your chocolate down, let it cool a little, then spread onto a baking sheet. Add sprinkles, marshmallows, fruit, nuts, or anything you like! Then refrigerate to harden up again, snap off and enjoy. On second thoughts, maybe an activity for when they’re at granny’s!

We hope we’ve inspired you to look at chocolate differently, it may be delicious, but you can make it an activity with the family too! If you wanted to create some more home bakes with your chocolate, you can check out our blog here which is packed full of chocolate inspired luxury recipes!

Remember, our luxury chocolates come in every flavour of happiness. Shop Christmas gifts here!