What we believe in?

At Lily O’Brien’s we are passionate about creating amazing and innovative chocolate recipes. We strive to incorporate both foody inspired flavours and undeniable classics into each and every collection.

Our Research and Development team are constantly pushing flavour boundaries taking inspiration from trends and flavour combinations from all around the world.

Lily O’Briens Ethical Policy

At Lily O’Brien’ Chocolates we strongly believe in ethical principles and good working practice. As a socially responsible business our suppliers, customers and local communities have a right to expect guarantees that the services we provide to them have been ethically designed, managed and implemented.

We strive to ensure that anyone involved in our chocolate making process is treated fairly, which is why we comply with high standards of ethics and sustainability in the sourcing of all of the raw materials that go into making our chocolate. We ensure that we source our raw materials from ethically traded ingredients Our chocolate is sourced from sustainable sources, creating a sustainable plantation ensures that farmer’s livelihoods are protected and that it remains a viable economic opportunity for their families.

Lily O’Briens is committed to maintaining the highest legal, moral and ethical standards of honesty, integrity and fairness in the conduct of our business. Lily O’Briens operates on the policy that “doing the right thing” is the only model for sustained growth and continued success.

Lily O’Briens Quality Policy & BRC Accreditation

It is the policy of Lily O’Briens to consistently produce and supply safe & legal Chocolate, Dessert & Toffee products of the highest quality standard. As part of our Quality Policy we have set out a framework to comply with National and International legislative requirements and standards, and also to excel in meeting the requirements of our Customers. The Food Safety and Quality policy is at the heart of our processes and procedures in order to deliver the exciting and delicious range of confectionary and desserts that have become synonymous with the Lily O’Briens brand. Lily O’Briens is accredited by the British Retail Consortium in which the company currently holds a Grade Class AA Certification.

Lily O’Brien’s Sustainable Palm Oil & UTZ Chocolate Commitment

Lily O’Brien’s is aware and understands the importance of the ongoing discussions regarding the sustainable sourcing of Cocoa, Palm Oil and Palm derived products. We view sustainability as a global issue and believe that the most effective solutions to these types of issues are often achieved by working with international organizations.

Lily O’Brien’s is committed to the highest sustainability and environmental standards. We work closely with our raw material suppliers who are in turn working with international organizations and they use Palm Oil from members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an association created to promote the growth and use of sustainable Palm Oil through co-operation with the supply chain and open dialogue with its stakeholders. Lily O’Brien’s is a RSPO registered facility has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard, revised June 2017. This guarantees that the criteria for processing RSPO certified sustainable palm and kernel oil through one or more of the supply chain models as stated in the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems have been met.

The cocoa sector faces several challenges and consumers are increasingly aware of these situations and demand products that are grown in a responsible way. Lily O’Brien’s is committed to making a difference for the cocoa sector using the UTZ Certified model for Cocoa and Cocoa Products. Lily O’Brien’s is an UTZ certified facility which has been audited and has met the criteria against the UTZ certified Chain of Custody for Cocoa.

Lily O’Brien’s Environmental Policy

Lily O’Brien’s recognise that our business activities impact on the environment and that it is our responsibility to manage these impacts in a manner that contributes to sustainable development and allows protection for our natural environment.

Our policy commits us to meet our legislative, customer and other subscribed requirements, including our Sustainability Plan, through the implementation of an Environmental Management System.

This policy is upheld and communicated to all relevant parties to ensure the successful implementation of our Environmental Management System.

Lily O’Brien’s is a member of Origin Green and is committed to meeting the targets of our Origin Green Plan 2018 – 2022. Origin Green provides Lily O’Brien’s with a framework to manage our business sustainably. We believe that by committing to this unique programme, we can align our goals and implement environmental and social standards to our operations that are necessary to manage our business sustainably and to have a positive influence and impact on both the environment and society in general.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Jack & Jill

The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation is a sister charity of Lily O’Brien’s. It was set up in 1997 by Mary Ann O’Brien and her husband Johnathan Irwin to help children and families with children with severe illnesses get the care they need.
In early Spring 2016, Lily O’Brien’s was a key sponsour of the Hares on the March campaign which invited artists from around the country to design a Hare to be put on display throughout the country and then auctioned for charity. This activity raised over €184,000 for The Jack and Jill Foundation.

We also arrange a yearly golf tournament with all proceeds in aid of Jack & Jill and regularly donate chocolates to events in aid of Jack & Jill.

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